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OP Factions Season V - August 14th @ 5PM PST
Started by iRainDrop

Season V Information:

OP Factions is set to release at 3PM PST on August 14th!
FTOP #1: Create a Tag of your Choice, and a $250 Buycraft voucher.
FTOP #2: $150 Buycraft voucher.
FTOP #3: $75 Buycraft voucher.

Fixed a ton of bugs and issues.
Faction size has been updated to 50 members
Outpost is now located in the Nether.
Sell wands and Harvester Hoes are now available in /specials.
Custom Capes are now obtainable in-game through relics, crates and more.
Minecraft: Bedrock Emotes have been implemented.
Network and Server optimizations.

Feature changes for OP Factions:
Added a new rank Anarchist;
Added /nick.
Added Shards [New Currency]
Added a whole Custom Enchants system with /ce and /combiner.
The boss has been redone and has been re-enabled.
Added McMMO stats and leaderboards.
All of the items on /specials now cost Shards instead of Money.
Added a TNT Cannon (item)

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