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OP Factions Season IV - Saturday April 18th at 1PM EST
Started by iRainDrop

While we are in the works of huge updates, we'd love to hear any suggestions you have for us, please leave them in the replies below.


Season IV Information:

OP Factions will be releasing on Saturday, April 18th at 1PM EST

FTOP #1: Create a Tag of Choice, and a $250 Buycraft voucher.

FTOP #2: 150$ Buycraft voucher.

FTOP #3: $75 Buycraft voucher.

  • Faction Size: 30 members.
  • Hoppers have been optimized.
  • Spawners have been optimized
  • Worth based F-TOP.
  • Power implemented.
  • Outpost moved, /outpost.
  • Mob stacker has been optimized.
  • All factions commands have been freed of any bugs.

Feature changes for OP Factions:

  • Chunk busters.
  • Sell wands re-enabled.
  • Harvester hoes re-enabled.
  • Crop growth speed increased.
  • Boss has been completely redone and rewards have been boosted.
  • Username colors added, type /colors.
  • Outpost rewards have been buffed and player specific rewards have been added.
  • Creeper eggs can now be used in others faction territories.
  • Added new faction missions and quests.
  • Spawner stacker is back, crouch and place the same type of spawners together to stack them.


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Actully my favorite thing is the /colors lol

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Make sure to apply for staff, wishing everyone the very best!

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I cant wait until someone finds an underground base and uses a chunk buster on it lol. Can't wait to see what some crafty people are gunna do with chunk busters.

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stcraft co-owner

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Wtf are chunk busters lmao

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Stevedaboss1YT how does one apply for staff whilst already staff 🤔

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Im so excited bruh

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